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Wayfinding Leadership: Ground-breaking Wisdom for Developing Leaders by Dr Chellie Spiller, John Panoho and Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr brings an innovative, practical approach to leadership and management.

The conventional ‘business as usual’ approach to business and developing leaders is often insufficient for building the kinds of organisations we need today where ‘leaders need to deal with complex organisational dynamics, respond to unpredictable and chaotic challenges, and create meaning and purpose amid uncertainty’.

Based on the art of traditional Polynesian navigation, wayfinding leadership shows how wayfinding can transform leaders and organisations by using new practices such as mindfulness and awareness of their environment. For example, the concept of a navigator travelling to a destination is re-imagined to a wayfinding concept where the navigator is not travelling but sitting still and, through listening to and reading signals from their environment, takes the necessary actions so the destination appears to come to the navigator.

Wayfinding Leadership

The benefits of wayfinding leadership include:
- deepening your discernment about what is really going on and be more response-able to subtle shifts and nuances, as well as see the whole. In other words, see the wood and the trees
- developing integrative thinking and perceptiveness, and seeing connections between things that possibly others don’t see, making sense of complexity
- developing personal grit and courage and helping others develop their own grit
- honing the ability to work with resistance, shed rigid mental models and enter new paradigms
- adapting more naturally to change and harnessing the potential of uncertainty, ambiguity and the unknown
- experiencing greater relaxation, presence and calm, especially in the face of adversity
- experiencing and enjoying feelings of awe and wonder in the leadership journey.

You can buy the book online at Huia Publishers E-book, kindle version available on Amazon 

“Highly recommend this leadership opportunity for anyone who is looking to understand themselves better in order to gain the leadership qualities that will enable change in any environment!” (Auckland)

"You motivated us all to be wayfinders; encouraging us to pause and reflect; to become our purpose, step into our rangatira space and to be the bird that didn't read the book!" (Christchurch)

Sphere Intelligence

Today’s wayfinders are the living face of a philosophy of being that has been orally transmitted from one generation to the next through millennia. The Inuit who read the snow, Australian Aboriginals who track the desert, Bedouin nomads who traverse the sand dunes and Polynesian voyagers who navigate the oceans are some of the wayfinders who continue to practise their ancient craft in cultural pockets around the world. The art of wayfinding we refer to draws upon insights of ...master navigators who travel vast distances across the ocean, without instruments such as map, sextant or compass, in traditionally built Polynesian double-hulled sailing catamarans (waka).

Wayfinding Leadership is a unique leadership development programme sourced deep in the DNA of the Pacific. It draws on our distinctive experiences, extensive research and builds bridges to cutting edge leadership ideas from around the world while challenging many commonly imported ideas.